Christmas in France

14 de des. 2012, 0:24 publicada per Ignasi Pena Moré
Christmas is a time of year when the company shared traditions and customs. Of course, every family has their own. In France, on December 25th is holiday. After getting up, the presents are opened. But also it is celebrated on the night of December 24th.

Overall, the night of December 24th is celebrated within the family. Children are always eager to see Santa Claus coming during the cold night to reward them for the year that is ending. The younger ones go to bed early and dream with their gifts. Many times, parents dress up as Santa Claus brings gifts and leave them under the Christmas tree. Many children leave a carrot or a turnip for the reindeer.

Foie gras

Often, the meals are accompanied with a good champagne and people generally eat a lot ("foie gras", is a kind of goose liver paste, oysters, salmon or poultry).

The most common dessert is the Buche de Noel, a kind of roll with cream and ice cream, small cakes, chocolates and marzipan.

In Provence 13 desserts are traditionally served for Christmas. Many times, the Christmas table contains oranges because these used to be a delicacy and feasted for this occasion.

Some people go to church and listen to Christmas Carols. On the morning of December 25th, the children open their presents. All family shares after lunch that generally extends until evening. The delicious dishes follow one after another. The Breese capon with chestnut puree is a very traditional dish. This again accompanies foie gras, salmon, oysters, champagne and wine (Sauterne combining with foie gras is delicious). Finally,they serve cheeses and salad and, of course, a Christmas cake..

                                                        Merry Christmas!

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