Christmas in Scotland

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In Scotland the New Year (or Hogmanay as it is called there) is celebrated in a very particular, especially in some Scottish populations. Turns out, the villagers set fire and do a barrel roll through the streets on fire. They say that in this way allow entry of the year on the right foot.

There is also another tradition called "first footing". It seems that the first person to enter for the first time in the New Year to a house determines the fate of the family over the following months.

Decoration on the streets of Scotland

There was no information on how to decorate the streets in Scotland, but it seems that the pictures say it all.

Typical food for Christmas

Regarding Christmas dinner, eating turkey is now the most widespread habit in Scotland. But this was not always the case because once Christmas dinner consisted of smoked goose or baked chicken, in the Highlands. They also eat fruit cake, especially made ​​for Christmas.
Author: Sara Ballester 2nd course