11 de març 2013, 4:08 publicada per Ignasi Pena Moré
There is an international day of the cat. It is celebrated in the memory of  “Sock”, the pet of the ex president Bill Clinton’s family who died a 20th February 2009. The cat was collected from the street for Chelsea, daughter of the governor of Arkansas.

The international day of the cat was selected a way as a tribute for the died from one of the most emblematic cats in the history.

It becames a character very appreciated not just for the personal of the white house but the visitors of it including the Press and the heads of state from other countries.

This date was choosen through internet, for Twitter and Facebook, and it was thought to recognize the cat and promote their defense, because “Socks” was a cat from the street and it was collected for Chelsea.

 The international day of the cat is an occasion to assess, love and protect this pet, accused falsely and unjustly of being selfish and ungrateful with their owners.

Authors: Carla Molina and Carla Cepeda