Exchanging and enriching

17 de març 2012, 14:27 publicada per Institut Els Roures   [ actualitzat el 17 de març 2012, 14:39 ]

The start of the new school year 2011-2012 also means the continuation of our projects. This is our second year in the Connecting Classrooms project. Several meetings with teachers and students of the 10 schools involved have been held to prepare our students on their task as part of the project. At one of these meetings, four students were selected to travel to Glasgow accompanied by four teachers to take part in a European meeting with schools from Poland, Scotland and Bosnia. We were really happy because among the 100 students, one of ours was chosen, Andrea Garcia from 3rd ESO. Andrea and three more students from other schools went to Glasgow as representatives of the 10 Catalan secondary schools involved in the project. From this exchanging of ideas we came out with the idea of our project, it was called: EXCHANGING AND ENRICHING.

 The three main ideas of the project are: generational exchange, cultural exchange and cultural as well as skills ‘exchange. After some days of hard work and with the help of our alderwoman, Mrs Antònia Pérez, we started with a community project which, among other objectives, tries to achieve a generational approaching between elderly people and young people of our village. 

On the 23rd February our school had a very special group of guests. For the first time our school opened its doors to the elderly people of our village. Our students explained their project to our visitors from the elderly people’s home “casal de la gent gran “and invited them to participate and help the students of 1st ESO in a language project about individual and community memory. After their presentation, our students showed them the different classrooms of our school, and also the different activities that were being done at that moment. The students were delighted to have such a special visit. The meeting finished with a little afternoon snack and some photos in a happy atmosphere.

This first meeting is the starting point of a project which will consist on sharing knowledge and enjoying the process. From our school we want to thank the elderly people from our village in this first meeting for their help and good intentions.