16 de nov. 2012, 2:30 publicada per Ignasi Pena Moré


1)   What is your favourite subject? My favourite subject is French

2)   Do you like our high school? Yes, I like

3)   Do you practise any sports? I practise Volleyball

4)   Do you like the break? Yes, I like

5)   Where do you live? I live in Canyamars

6)   Where did you live last year? I lived in Briton Ferry, Wales.

7)   How old are you? I’m 13 years old

8)   Do you like Spanish culture? Yes, I like

9)   Is it difficult to speak Catalan for you? Sometimes

10)   What is your favourite hobby? Singing and dancing

11)   What is your favourite colour? My favourite colour is purple

12)   How many friends have you got? Have got 20 friends

13)   Which music style do you prefer? I prefer pop music

14)   When is your birthday? My birthday is 9th December 1998

15)   How many pets have you got? I’ve got 3 pets

16)   What are your favourite actor and singers? My favourite actor is Selena Gomez and my favourite singer is Vanessa Hudgens

New student: Hannah Leah Kelemen



Sara Ballester

Rubén Lechuga

Sònia Degollada