Christmas in Finland

18 de des. 2012, 1:04 publicada per Ignasi Pena Moré
The Pikkujoulu is an inseparable part of the Finnish tradition since the twenties. Every head of any magnitude organizes one for staff, and any association that boasts one for its members. The councilors of municipalities forget their political differences and join forces to enjoy a sociable evening. Some even dare to stage a legend or a sketch for winter fun of its employees.

On December 13th  schools and Swedish households celebrate St. Lucia Day, a tradition coming from the neighboring country in the early twenties. In the weeks before you write and send Christmas cards, are made or buy the ornaments, and prepare all special breads and pastries. The sauna is an integral part of Finnish Christmas. The holidays end on Twelfth Night, which in practice is irrelevant in Finland.

Typical food in Finland of Sant Esteve


They say  Rovaniemi  is the Santa Claus’ town, because it is located to the Arctic Circle in Finland.

Author: Chelsea Moreno 2nd Course